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How to Choose the Right Smart Wearable Waterproof Sound Permeable Membrane


How to choose the right smart wear waterproof sound-permeable membrane? Let's find out with Goel editor.

Smart Wearable Waterproof Sound Permeable Membrane

1. Smart wear waterproof and dustproof with waterproof sound-permeable membrane

The primary responsibility of a reliable smart wear waterproof and sound-permeable membrane is to be waterproof and dustproof, and the materials used should have good water- and oil-repellent properties. In addition, it is necessary to select a reasonable waterproof grade of waterproof membrane according to the target requirements. The higher the safety level, the less fine dust particles can pass through the waterproof membrane of the wearable device to enter the interior of the precision electronic components, and it can also meet the waterproof requirement of not damaging electronic communication equipment products due to water immersion in daily use.

2. Sound transmission of smart wearing waterproof sound-permeable membrane

Waterproof and dustproof is only a basic protection function of the product, and on top of this, the sound transmission quality of the product itself should not be affected by the waterproof membrane of the wearable device. The sound transmission quality of the electronic product itself cannot be affected due to the excessive pursuit of waterproof and dustproof effects, that is, it deviates from the main goal. This requires that the smart wearable waterproof sound-permeable membrane must use sound-permeable materials with excellent properties to avoid the sound transmission function of the product itself being compromised due to the wearable device waterproof membrane during use.

3. The installation method of smart wear waterproof sound-permeable membrane

Smart wearable waterproof sound-permeable membrane products need to be installed in the limited space of precision electronic equipment, which determines that the waterproof and sound-permeable membrane of wearable devices should have an efficient and convenient installation method. The waterproof sound-permeable membrane for smart wear should be equipped with a thin and highly viscous adhesive, which can be firmly installed on the earpiece speaker head and shell of the electronic product, so as not to easily deform and fall off.

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