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Waterproof and breathable solutions for small household appliances industry


Small home appliances generally refer to home appliances with smaller power and volume, which are convenient to carry and transport. Many small household appliances work with electric motors, which generate heat when the motor is running. If the small household appliance needs to be in contact with water during use or cleaning, it must be completely sealed. At the same time, it is necessary to release the heat generated by the motor or the gas generated by the rechargeable product battery during charging and discharging to ensure the reliability of the small home appliance during operation. Therefore, more and more small household appliances have begun to use protective products with waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation functions. At the same time, some small household appliances use nickel-metal hydride batteries or lithium-ion batteries to drive motors, and nickel-metal hydride batteries generate gases such as hydrogen during operation (charging and discharging). Therefore, it is also necessary to use products with both waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation protection functions.

Waterproof membrane component protection products are widely used in small appliances such as electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, water absorbers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, water dispensers and soymilk makers. The main forms of waterproof and breathable components used in electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, electric hair clippers and beauty instruments are adhesive-backed waterproof and breathable film products. The waterproof and breathable membrane components used in water absorbers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, water dispensers, soymilk machines and rice cookers are mainly press-in waterproof permeable plugs or threaded metal or plastic waterproof and breathable valves.

The above two waterproof and ventilating components used in the waterproof and ventilating solution for the small household appliance industry have the following functions:

The waterproof breathable membrane and the breathable valve have good waterproof, dustproof, oil-proof, ventilation and heat dissipation functions, and the waterproof level for home appliances is IP67-IP69K;

Breathing, cooling, balancing pressure, preventing condensation, and improving the service life of home appliances;

The high air permeability of the waterproof breathable valve and the waterproof breathable membrane can reduce the stress on the shell and prevent the sealing failure;

The waterproof and breathable components have good corrosion resistance, detergent resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance.

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