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Waterproof and breathable solutions for solar photovoltaic industry


The heat dissipation of some components inside the solar photovoltaic and the rapid temperature change caused by the changeable weather outside may lead to a high pressure difference in the solar device. This differential pressure deflects the CPV (concentrated solar) panel lenses and places enormous stress on the junction boxes, solar inverters, collectors and seals of the CPV modules. Therefore, the goal of waterproof and breathable solutions in the solar photovoltaic industry is to solve the following four problems.

    The problems solved by the waterproof and breathable solution for the solar photovoltaic industry:

    1. The internal pressure of solar photovoltaic equipment can be as high as 15kpa. If it is not solved, the internal precision or sensitive components may be damaged;

    2. The factory protection level cannot be maintained continuously;

    3. The aging of the joint part produces gaps;

    4. The function is reduced, the air tightness is poor after a period of time, and the sealing strip is aging.

    Waterproof and breathable solutions for solar photovoltaic industry: Extend the service life of equipment and ensure its function by creating pressure balance, that is, through waterproof and breathable components for solar photovoltaic equipment such as waterproof breathable membranes or waterproof breathable valves to achieve this goal.

    Sandeli precision waterproof breathable membrane module manufacturers can provide reasonable matching solutions according to the shape of solar photovoltaic equipment and the corresponding technical requirements The heat can also be released through the waterproof breathable membrane or the waterproof breathable valve, so that the internal pressure of the solar photovoltaic device can be dynamically balanced. It also has the following functions:

    1. The waterproof breathable membrane or waterproof breathable valve for solar photovoltaic equipment has good waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof functions, and the protection level reaches IP67-IP69K;

    2. Chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, etc., the improvement of waterproof and breathable components = reliability in harsh and changeable natural environments;

    3. The material of waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable valve adopts common materials such as eptfe and plastic or metal, which can be installed quickly and reliably (welded breathable membrane, adhesive-backed breathable membrane, threaded waterproof breathable valve);

    4. The general installation method of waterproof and ventilating components reduces the complexity of design and the difficulty of installation, making product development faster and more cost-effective.

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