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Video walkie-talkie security equipment waterproof ventilation solution


External high-definition security monitoring equipment, dome network cameras, high-speed PTZ cameras and other security equipment, all need to work outdoors all day long, and the environmental requirements are harsh, especially high-definition monitoring equipment,

Higher quality requirements! But at present, engineers have encountered the following problems!

1. There is water vapor and gas in the monitoring equipment

2. Harsh environment reduces the service life of monitoring equipment

3. Dust enters the inside of the device and affects the normal operation of the components.

4. Extreme weather changes lead to rapid aging of sealing joints

The waterproof and breathable membrane has solved the above problems for several famous enterprises of security outdoor monitoring equipment, waterproof and breathable, eliminates fog, maintains the factory protection level, prolongs the service life, and improves the product quality and grade of the security monitoring system.

The principle of waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable valve:

In the state of water vapor, the water particles are very small, and according to the principle of capillary motion, they can smoothly penetrate into the capillary tube to the other side, so that the phenomenon of vapor permeation occurs. When the water vapor condenses into water droplets, the particles become larger. Because of the surface tension of the water droplets (the water molecules "pull and compete with each other"), the water molecules cannot smoothly escape from the water droplets and seep out to the other side. It is to prevent the infiltration and exudation of water, so that the vapor-permeable membrane has a waterproof function.

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