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Waterproof and breathable solutions for outdoor lighting industry


The waterproof breathable membrane of outdoor lamps is made of a material with good waterproof function, which has been widely used at present. Generally speaking, outdoor products are often exposed to rain, fog, ice, snow, sand and other changeable natural weather phenomena. impact to come. Therefore, for some outdoor products, because of the circuit boards inside the outdoor lamps and the heat generated during use, the outdoor lamps can adapt to various weather changes (that is to say, they have good waterproof, dustproof, breathable heat dissipation: ) appears to be particularly necessary. The waterproof and breathable film of outdoor lamps and lanterns produced by Sandeli Precision Waterproof Membrane satisfies the requirements of outdoor products for dustproof, waterproof, breathable, and heat dissipation.

    The waterproof and breathable membrane for outdoor lamps of waterproof membrane manufacturers includes flood light waterproof membrane, street lamp waterproof membrane, spotlight waterproof membrane, high-power lamp respirator, lawn lamp waterproof membrane, underwater lamp waterproof membrane, LED lamp waterproof membrane according to the different products applied. Membrane ventilation valve and other products. The main products of waterproof membrane manufacturer's waterproof = components used in outdoor lamps are waterproof thread respirator (waterproof breathable air valve for outdoor lamps) and adhesive-backed patch products. The product protection level of waterproof membrane processing plants for the outdoor lighting industry is as high as IP67 and IP68.

    More and more outdoor lighting manufacturers have begun to use waterproof and breathable waterproof and breathable components to protect products. The lighting fixtures placed outdoors have withstood the test of the alternation of day and night, the change of seasons, and the wind and rain. Therefore, the lighting fixture needs to isolate solid pollutants such as water and sand and dust from the exterior of the fixture, and at the same time, it is necessary to open holes in the shell to avoid the pressure difference caused by temperature changes, but it cannot allow moisture to enter through the small holes. caused by fogging and condensation. Therefore, there is a need for a product that has both good waterproof sealing performance and temperature adaptability (heat dissipation). The waterproof breathable film processing manufacturer helps the outdoor lighting manufacturer to solve this problem very well. The waterproof breathable valve or waterproof breathable membrane of outdoor lamps can keep various external pollutants isolated from the outside while ensuring the balance between the interior of the lamp and the outside atmospheric pressure.

    The installation of waterproof breathable membrane or waterproof breathable valve can ensure that the temperature inside the lamp is not chaotic with a continuous good waterproof and breathable function, thereby greatly reducing the incidence of outdoor lighting failures, and thus prolonging the outdoor lighting to a certain extent. service life. Moreover, the waterproof breathable membrane of outdoor lamps or the waterproof breathable valve of outdoor lamps is easy to design and install, so the time in design and production can be shortened, which can reduce the overall cost of lamps to a certain extent.

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