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Waterproof and breathable solutions for the automotive industry


Nowadays, more and more high-performance vehicles and electric vehicles rely more and more on complex electronic components to provide good functions. These key electronic components need a safe and reliable sealing box to protect them from the sudden change of rain and snow during driving.

Parts such as lights, ECU electronic control units, oxygen sensors, electric window motors, and automotive instruments can be reliably protected, but there are still some details that cannot be perfectly overcome.

The problems solved by the waterproof and ventilating solution for the automobile manufacturing industry:

1. Poor heat dissipation of parts leads to a sharp rise in temperature?

2. Are there water vapor, moisture and mist inside some products?

3. Unbalanced pressure difference between internal and external due to fever?

4. Is there any phenomenon of oil seepage, water seepage and dust?

5. Problems with product installation?

6. Is the maintenance cost too high?

Waterproof and breathable solutions for automobile manufacturing industry: waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable valve

The waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable valve have good dustproof, waterproof, breathable, and heat dissipation functions, and they are practical to use! The superior function and unique design in the automobile manufacturing industry make your use practical!

1. Waterproof, dustproof and oil-proof, and the protection level reaches IP67-IP69K.

2. Prevent condensation and fog, and improve the service life of electronic devices.

3. Good heat dissipation performance and fast balance of internal and external pressure difference of electronic devices, improve product integrity.

4. Chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, etc., improve the reliability of products in changing natural or use environments.

5. The waterproof breathable membrane and waterproof breathable valve are made of plastics commonly used in automobiles, which can be installed quickly and reliably (welded breathable membrane, snap-on type, press-in type, and adhesive-backed breathable membrane). The shape and size of each auto part may be different. , Sandeli Precision Waterproof and Breathable Processing Factory can reasonably customize waterproof and breathable products according to the actual products, so the cost is lower, the effect is better, and the quality is higher!

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