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Products such as waterproof breathable membrane are widely used in sensors, telecommunication equipment and tools, automotive electronics and other industries
Waterproof breathable plug
Waterproof breathable plug

Waterproof breathable plug


Product Description

As an industrial product with a large number of users, the waterproof breathable plug is made of waterproof material, so needless to say, its own waterproofness, it also has good sealing and breathability, so it is used in many industries and daily life. are all available.

my country's waterproof and dustproof tools are divided into grades, and the waterproof and dustproof grade of waterproof breathable plugs can reach IP68, which is already a high level, so the waterproofness and sealing performance of waterproof breathable plugs is excellent. In terms of waterproofness and sealing, it can be widely used in many places, and it is mainly used in the fields of auto parts and so on. The breathable star is determined by the material of the waterproof breathable membrane, the effective breathable area and the pressure difference between the inside and outside. For example, all kinds of bad weather such as rain and snow, strong wind and high temperature, as well as the environment with excessive temperature difference, etc., have a great impact on the performance and use of the lamp, and if a waterproof breathable plug is used, it can be effective. It protects various lamps and lanterns. Its air permeability can effectively prevent fogging and moisture, and the sealing can also ensure that the pressure on both sides of the lamp is balanced. Therefore, the waterproof breathable plug is very good for the protection of outdoor lamps.

There are also various tools in the room. Due to the complexity and diversity of the working environment of various tools, they will definitely be affected by temperature and pressure, and some tools will use batteries for a long time, and the batteries will release harmful gases after a long time. This will affect the normal operation of the internal components of the tool, and the waterproof vent plug can effectively maintain the exchange of internal and external gases, so as to ensure that harmful gases will not affect the normal operation of the tool, and the breathability can also allow the tool to heat up and dissipate heat.

The waterproof breathable plug has a subtle multi-hole structure, and some have a filter screen so that dust can be prevented from entering the inside together, and the outside of the waterproof breathable plug is generally a threaded shell, which is very convenient for users to install, fix and disassemble. Make sure before installation. The surface is clean and free of oil stains, particles and other contaminants. If necessary, clean the mounting surface with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the surface is dry before installation. For details, please consult Goel's sales staff. Its surface also has anti-aging coatings that can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, so the service life of waterproof breathable plugs is generally long. It is because of its characteristics that it can be accepted by the public and applied to many industries. It can be seen that its use is very extensive!

How to choose the waterproof vent plug correctly? The choice of the waterproof vent plug is related to the use direction, working temperature, installation size, ventilation requirements, protection requirements and other items. For details, please consult the sales staff of Goel.

How to test the performance of waterproof and breathable plugs? The performance of waterproof and breathable is tested by professional equipment. For simple test methods, you can consult Goel's sales staff, or come to the company's workshop for air tightness testing.

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