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Products such as waterproof breathable membrane are widely used in sensors, telecommunication equipment and tools, automotive electronics and other industries
mobile phone receiver waterproof film mobile phone receiver waterproof film
mobile phone receiver waterproof film
mobile phone receiver waterproof film

mobile phone receiver waterproof film


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As more and more users pay great attention to the waterproofing of mobile phones and other communication equipment, there are more and more waterproof mobile phones on the market, and some high-performance mobile communication equipment has launched IP6 waterproof grade. . In addition to the internal (mainboard) waterproofing of mobile phones, waterproofing should also be carried out external waterproofing treatment, such as waterproofing treatment of acoustic devices such as mobile phone shells, earpieces, microphones and speakers.

Mobile phone handset waterproof membrane, also known as waterproof sound-permeable membrane, is a kind of polyester material processed by a special process. It has strong stretchability and is a good sound-transmitting functional membrane material. It can be known that the waterproof sound-transmitting membrane has waterproof and sound-transmitting functions. Sound transparency is transmitted through the vibration of sound waves into the membrane. GOEL waterproof sound-permeable membrane has the functions of waterproof and dustproof, sound transmission and sound transmission, and low sound loss. According to the applied electronic components, there are speaker waterproof sound-permeable membrane, listening simple waterproof sound-permeable membrane, MIC waterproof sound-permeable membrane, and speaker waterproof. Sound-permeable membrane, microphone waterproof sound-permeable membrane, walkie-talkie waterproof sound-permeable membrane, speaker waterproof sound-permeable membrane, receiver waterproof sound-permeable membrane, buzzer waterproof sound-permeable membrane, earphone waterproof sound-permeable membrane, smart wearable waterproof sound-permeable membrane, etc. Waterproof and sound-transmitting membrane for equipment.

At present, communication equipment such as general waterproof mobile phones are based on different electro-acoustic devices, such as earpiece waterproof breathable film, microphone waterproof breathable film and speaker waterproof breathable film. For waterproofing, it is not uncommon for this kind of waterproof and sound-permeable membrane that is die-cut by manufacturers of waterproof and breathable membranes for handsets. After the film raw material is die-cut, it can form a barrier against water and dust pollution, and it will not significantly affect the sound quality. However, the so-called waterproof is only relatively speaking, water is pervasive and also has pressure. When the underwater pressure is too large or the underwater protection time is too long, or the soaking time is too long, no matter how good the waterproof mobile phone is, it will still be damaged because of entering the water. Water and lead to scrapping, even professional three-proof mobile phones have a waterproof upper limit.

The acoustic waterproof membrane of the earpiece waterproof and breathable membrane processing manufacturer is used in the parts of electro-acoustic devices or acoustic devices, which can provide a barrier against water and dust pollution, and will not significantly reduce the sound quality, and the sound loss is within a reasonable value. They can also be Prevent common liquid beverages such as soda and coffee. It also provides a simple waterproof and breathable membrane solution that protects the unblocked pressure relief holes, and will not affect the normal gas exchange inside and outside the device. These holes can be well controlled due to temperature, altitude and air pressure. Change the pressure fluctuations in the communication equipment, and quickly release the exhaust gas generated by the battery during the charging and discharging process.

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