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Care and maintenance of waterproof breathable membrane system


How to maintain and maintain the waterproof breathable membrane? Let's take a look with Goel editor.

waterproof breathable membrane

①According to different membranes, special attention should be paid to the use environment, especially the temperature and pH value of the material liquid, and even the chlorine content in the material liquid.

②When the membrane system stops for a short time, you should pay attention to keeping the moisture of the membrane, because once the surface of the membrane loses water, there is no remedy, and the pores of the waterproof and breathable membrane will shrink and deform. will reduce the performance of the membrane.

③When at rest, avoid contact with high-concentration liquids.

④Clean and maintain the membrane with maintenance solution on schedule to reduce membrane fouling.

⑤In use, it should be operated according to the operating conditions that the membrane system can withstand, and long-term overload operation should be avoided to avoid irreversible damage to the membrane.

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