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Analysis of the function of waterproof and breathable membrane for speakers


What are the functions of the speaker waterproof breathable membrane? Let's find out with Goel editor.

The speaker waterproof and breathable membrane effectively blocks moisture, salt and other corrosive liquids, so that the device speaker components can be safely used outdoors without being affected.

It can quickly restore breathability after contact with water, oil and other liquids.

The dense and evenly distributed micropores can effectively block dust while being waterproof and breathable.

Balance the pressure, prevent air and moisture near the sealing parts of electronic products from entering the product, and protect the integrity of the sealing.

Protects the speaker components from any weather and can withstand immersion in water and other liquids.

It makes the protected parts easy to clean and is not affected by certain corrosive pollutants, and ensures that the function and service life of the horn parts are not affected.

It has good anti-ultraviolet ability, good chemical inertness and wide temperature range.

Thin and light, with good concealment, it brings convenience to design and production, and is an ideal waterproof and breathable product.

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